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A breakthrough in education, Leverage: The Game of Business will teach you more in three hours than some business courses do in three days.

The Rewards Start Flowing The Moment You Start Playing


Played by people of all age groups, by business people and non-business people alike, Leverage is a breakthrough in "Edutainment." Leverage is revolutionizing business learning, it is simple and fun.

This game will alter your perception and open your mind to what's truly possible within a business. You'll want to play it again and again because it will set you up for a lifetime of business success.

The Game of Business

To The Business Coach Running Their Practice, Saving Businesses and Making A Difference...

You want your time on this planet to matter.

You give your clients the best you've got every single day saving their businesses, all the while continuing to elevate yourself to be one of World's Best Business Coach. We understand. We're right there with you.

Today is another opportunity to live with intention, to give brilliantly, and to rise and shine together. Your power is immeasurable and the world is waiting for what you and you alone can teach and share. We're here to help create a memorable shopping experience as your one-stop shopping resource.

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WOW Marketing Kit Sets

We've put together for you a comprehensive Marketing Kit sets to provide your future coaching clients the resources they need to get started successfully!

This sets comes with 5 Complete Individual Marketing Kits.

When ordering a quantity of one it includes the following: custom designed boxes, USB card pre-loaded with Brad Sugar's presentation of 6 Steps, presentation folders which includes a series of stacked flyers for our product ladder, Real People, Real Results books, and Buying Customers Book 2.0

An incredible value for only $150!!!