The Wealth Coach by Bradley J. Sugars

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A Story about Creating Massive Wealth

A fictional account of what a good wealth coach can inspire. This book conveys financial wisdom through the story of a coach who helps a single mother achieve financial freedom.

“My ultimate goal was to become a millionaire…until I became one.”

~Bradley J. Sugars, award-winning author and entrepreneur

A forty-something mother's world is rocked when she realizes—amidst a devastating crisis—that she is flat broke. Kim Peters and her teen twins, Mitch and Amy McConnell, are financially back to square one. However, during a Hawaiian holiday, a fortuitous meeting begins their journey to financial health, wealth, and happiness.

The Wealth Coach is a fictional account of what a good wealth coach can truly inspire. The characters in this fable could be anyone, and “The Wealth Coach,” or just “Coach” to his friends, is almost ready to hang up his whistle on personal wealth coaching when the two parties meet on the shores of Maui. Coach decides to take on the three final clients before focusing on his other goals in life. With determination, patience, and true grit, The Wealth Coach brings a family out of financial despair and leads them to a place of genuine prosperity.

Through the fictional family, Sugars takes the reader with him on his world-famous Billionaire Tour and Master Class, where the real Brad Sugars shows real people how to make real money. Our fictional “Coach” gives lessons to his clients, much the same way Sugars does in his wealth-building seminars.