Grow Smart, Risk Less by Shelley Sun [Hard-Cover]

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Type: Education

Looking for a low-risk, low-capital path to astounding growth?

Experienced franchisor Shelly Sun shares practical advice and her own compelling experiences to help you discover the power and avoid the pitfalls of franchising your business.

In today’s economic environment, access to capital is limited, and that isn’t likely to change. Successful business owners have few options for dramatically expanding their brand. Grow Smart, Risk Less describes how you can use other people’s money and can leverage your success for fast, profitable growth.

Unlike many authors of books on franchising, Shelly Sun has been through the process, growing her business from $1 million to $100 million in five years in system-wide sales. In Grow Smart, Risk Less she describes the process she went through—equal parts brutally grueling and enormously rewarding—to make it happen. She will educate you on every stage of the franchising process, preparing you to make savvy business decisions that are right for your company now. You will learn how to

• Determine if you have a concept worthy of franchising and how to adjust your concept if you don’t
• Assemble a professional team without wasting money
• Adjust your business model along the way for optimum growth
• Grow as a leader to assume the new challenges of leading a larger, more diverse organization

If you’re ready for the next stage of business development, read Grow Smart, Risk Less and set yourself on the path to amazing growth.