Buying Customers 2.0 by Bradley J. Sugars [Hard-Cover]

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Type: Educational
"For many businesses, their biggest expense is marketing, but they aren't sure what they are getting out of it," Sugars said. "They say, 'I'm on the radio, I have an ad in the paper,' but how are those ads growing their business? They aren't, they are just an extra expense. But if those same business owners understand why customers buy from them and how to get the right customers in the door, over and over again, it can make a huge difference for their company and their life."

From building a target market to incentivizing referrals to profit margins and everything in between, "Buying Customers" goes through the step by step process of building and growing a profitable, commercial enterprise that works...without the business owner.

"The ultimate goal for any business owner shouldn't be to just have a well-paying job, it should be to build a business that runs smoothly if they left for a month or even for a year. If you take the lessons in Buying Customers and apply them to your business, you will have the kind of business that serves your customers with value and you with profits and time to enjoy the fruits of what you've built,"