WOW Marketing Kit Digital Art Kit

  • Received editable art files to be used for translations and local printing
  • Limited to international purchases only
  • Only MLs or Franchise Partners eligible
  • Art Files good for 12 months only – some restrictions apply
  • (list restrictions in smaller print).


  • No branding, design or layout changes are allowed.
  • Translations are allowed to text per country or language and must be paid for by the buyer.
  • Final art must be approved by Marketing before printing if any changes are made by the buyer.
  • If we find art has been changed beyond the current layouts or brand standards, Marketing reserves the right to reject approval.
  • Art may not be resold or shared unless prior approval is provided.
  • The art is only good for 12-months and any partner(buyer) found reprinting or reusing art after the prescribed period will be charged a penalty fee.
  • Buyers agree to all the requirements upfront and most agree to not resell, share or otherwise profit from the art provided.
  • Brand standards including but not limited too colors, fonts and logo placement must remain in tacked and in position.
  • Penalty fees apply for failing to get approvals, altering the art or reselling or sharing the art without permission. This fee will be a flat $500.

For questions please contact