The Property Coach DVD

The Property Coach DVD

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Over the years Brad Sugars has taken ordinary people and turned them into powerful, profitable and successful property investors. 

Now you can experience a full day with Brad through his DVD series where you will learn Brad’s secrets to property investing including: 

- The difference between a good and a great property deal … and the rules you’ll need to follow to make them happen for you

- How to get yourself out of debt in 3 to 5 years, even paying off your entire house … yes, it truly is possible on your current income 

- How to get yourself up and investing now … rather than waiting until it’s just too late 

- How to renovate for profit … and more importantly what cycles of the market to renovate in and when not to 

- The 3 main different property deals Brad recommends and the 5 most powerful ways to become wealthy through property investing no matter what the market is doing 

- The 7 Levels of Property Investing and how you can climb from where you are now to where you really want to be 

- How to structure your property portfolio for maximum growth and borrowing capacity 

- What loans Brad uses for each type of deal 

Brad not only teaches you his property investing secrets in simple easy to comprehend manner, but he equips you with the fundamentals so you can invest for maximum return. Filmed at Brad’s exclusive Entrepreneur workshop series on the Gold Coast, Australia – this DVD will motivate and educate - so that you too can build wealth through property.